What are About pages for?


I'm Paul, a longwinded insomniac who has managed to leverage those flaws into something resembing a life and career. Much of my time is occupied expanding the areas served by GroupRaise, finding ways to help people come together around charitable causes over a meal.

Approximately nine months out of any year you might run into me at technology or startup community events in Houston, where until recently I was co-organizer of our city's Lean Startup Circle. Typecasting me as an urban-tech-startup millenial snake person will wind up being 80% accurate, so I won't stop you.

Site Content & Colors

This website is an oldschool personal homepage, where I write about whatever or link to wherever without feeling compelled to fit a theme. Life offers too much variety to bother being self-conscious about content. For the benefit of those who want more blatant context clues, I use a page's color scheme to communicate the degree of propriety or professionalism its content might hold. In general:

  • Teal Pages
    Site default and technical topics: code, software, hardware, science-y things.
  • Silver Pages
    Non-technical professional topics: startups, marketing, business ecosystems.
  • Gold Pages
    Life experiences and other personal sharing.
  • Magenta Pages
    Anything controversial, cultural commentary or nsfw.